Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Relativism on Campus and in Society 2009

Every September as students roll back onto campus, Ernescliff College offers their yearly University Seminar. This year it will be held from September 4 - 6, 2009. Years ago the late Harold Bloom had already made waves in the university community by suggesting that the only believable truth for first year students was that there is no truth. Pope Benedict XVI has helped to reveal the instability of such a process of thinking: just as the Nineteenth Century saw the dictatorship of reason, where one accepted as true only that which could be measured or scientifically proven, discarding any notion of the value of faith or hope, today it is the dictatorship of relativism, where nothing is certain, everything is in flux and even the capacity of man's reason to reach truth is derided. Four speakers will examine the impact of relativism today:

- Dr. Robert Kenedy will address us on the subject of "Political Correctness, Relativism and Free Speech on Campus." Dr. Kenedy is a Sociology Professor at York University. Among his many other research interests, he is an expert on the subject of critical thinking and university success skills.
- Dr. Clifford Orwin, who is a Professor of Political Philosophy at the University of Toronto where he has taught for more than twenty five years and where he currently serves as Chair of the Munk Centre's program in Political Philosophy and International Affairs. The title of his talk will be "Nothing Will Come of Nothing: the Tension between Liberalism and Relativism." It will address the common misconception that the state must espouse relativism and be value neutral in order to ensure that peace, democracy and freedom reign in the body politic

- Mr. Anthony Schratz, is a lawyer and the director of Ernescliff College. His topic will be: The Dictatorship of Relativism in the thought of Pope Benedict XVI.

More information on fees and schedule can be found here.